Gang leader loses appeal in kidnapping of prosecutor's dad

Published 02-23-2019

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RICHMOND,Va. (AP) - A federal court has rejected the appeal of a gang leader serving life in prison for the botched kidnapping of a North Carolina prosecutor that ended with her father's abduction.

The Fourth Circuit court on Thursday upheld the convictions of Kelvin Melton, who argued that the trial court violated his constitutional rights by allowing the introduction of a statement he made at a pre-trial hearing and by allowing prosecutors to admit certain evidence.

Melton, leader of a group called United Blood Nation, was one of 11 people convicted in the case.

The plan was to kidnap the prosecutor who had put Melton in prison for life as a habitual felon.

The criminals goofed and kidnapped prosecutor Colleen Janssen's father instead. He was rescued when agents stormed the gang's Atlanta hideout.

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