T.I. wants to highlight trap music with new pop-up museum

Published 09-27-2018

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ATLANTA (AP) - T.I. is paying homage to trap music culture with a new pop-up museum, even dedicating areas of the exhibit to rappers who have contributed to the subgenre.

T.I. says he wants to celebrate trap music with the Trap Music Museum, opening Sunday in Atlanta. The museum will feature original and replica artifacts from album covers to old photos of musicians such as Gucci Mane, Jeezy, Rick Ross and Future.

Trap music is a subgenre detailing the lifestyle of selling drugs, highlighted by gritty lyrics and heavy beats.

The museum will offer an "Escape the Trap" experience - much like the popular Escape the Room adventure game - where visitors have to use clues to find their way out of a house littered with illegal drugs before authorities arrive.

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