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Welcome to Stockbridge Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, just a short drive from the Georgia Tech campus. Stock Bridge, or Stockbridge as it used to be, is one of the most popular hotels in downtown Atlanta, located at the intersection of Interstate 75 and I-285 near Atlanta - Gwinnett International Airport.

Located at the intersection of Interstate 75 and I-285, this hotel is near Atlanta - Gwinnett International Airport, just a short drive from the Georgia Tech campus.

This hotel brings guests into the culture and excitement of the Georgian capital, and is just a short drive from the rich and diverse arts at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center. Area attractions include the Georgia Tech Museum of Natural History and College Football Hall of Fame, both within walking distance of Atlanta-Gwinnett International Airport. Stroll the historic Georgia State University campus, study the history of Atlanta's most famous sports team, the Falcons, or stroll through the world-famous Coca-Cola Museum. The cultural highlight is the Tara Museum, whose flavors, recipes and history make the world-famous Coca Cola lemonade.

If you want to stay in Buckhead but want to skip the monotony of a chain hotel, this is the place to be. Other options for affordable - friendly stays include hotels in downtown Atlanta, downtown Cobb County and the Atlanta BeltLine area. This is the only option if you are a business or leisure traveler who insists on quality accommodation at affordable prices.

PierreRepooc Red Lion Inn is located in the Stockbridge area and offers a family-friendly, pet-friendly hotel during the winter and Christmas period. This budget hotel offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of the city and its natural beauty, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars. MA offers the best of both worlds: affordable accommodation and great food and drink options. There are a number of budget hotels in the Atlanta area that offer a wide range of amenities, including restaurants, bars, cafes and restaurants.

There are a variety of restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels in the Atlanta area in the centre of Stockbridge. Travellers can check in at this hotel during the summer months, as well as during the winter and Christmas periods. Located just a few miles south of downtown Atlanta, this hotel is a Marriott payment method. It offers a wide range of amenities including a fitness center, gym, outdoor pool and spa. It is also right next to one of Atlanta's most popular restaurants.

The Great Barrington Lenox in the Berkshires offers great views of Stockbridge, which borders the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border. Located just a few miles south of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, Days Inn and Suites Wyndham is a Marriott payment method hotel offering a wide range of amenities and amenities.

Located in Stockbridge, Georgia, just a few miles south of downtown Atlanta, Atlanta Wyndham offers pet-friendly accommodations with a full-service restaurant, fitness center and pet spa. The Stock Bridge Inn - Stock Bridge Inn is located six miles from Stately Oaks Plantation and offers a wide range of amenities and amenities including a pool, spa and fitness center, and an indoor pool. Located on the south side of StockBridge, Georgia, Georgia, Massachusetts, the Stockbridges, GA - Highway 138 hotel offers great views of St. John the Baptist Church and Great Barrington Lenox in the Berkshires. Located just 2.5 miles east of the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border and just 5 miles west of Boston, it offers superb views of Mount Vernon, Mass., and its neighboring towns.

The Map Stockbridge Charm is located just a few miles south of Stately Oaks Plantation in Stock Bridge, Georgia. The next time you visit StockBridge, Atlanta, stay at the Atlanta Wyndham Hotel and you will be walking distance to many of the city's most popular restaurants and attractions.

Book at Stockbridge Inn in GA and save when you make your reservation and get ready for a one night stay at Stock Bridge Country Inn for as little as $1,000 per night.

The Wingate Wyndham Atlanta Galleria and Ballpark is located in the heart of the city's busiest and most vibrant downtown and is surrounded by some of the most popular attractions. Located on historic Peachtree Street, Midtown has a thriving arts and cultural scene, as well as a lively shopping, dining and entertainment scene. The refined color palette that reflects this downtown location will celebrate and present to guests Atlanta's rich history and cultural heritage. Stockbridge, GA is home to the Stock Bridge Country Inn, one of Georgia's oldest and most popular hotels.

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