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It's four days before Christmas, but Southern Ballet Theatre is staging an inspiring production of "A Christmas Carol" at the Georgia Theatre Center on Christmas Eve. The puppet show follows the story of Stan, who falls in love with a wood stove, and his love for his wife and children.

The story of Clara's immersion in a dream world is presented by Atlanta Ballet Theatre, Georgia Theatre Center and Gilbert & Sullivan's "A Christmas Carol."

Dolls and toys come to life in this magical fairy tale, travelling through an exciting world as they travel from one world to another in a performance on the big screen. Visit Santa Claus, enjoy photo opportunities, sample seasonal offerings from the café, watch a live performance of Atlanta Ballet Theatre, Georgia Theatre Center and Gilbert & Sullivan's "A Christmas Carol," and watch the major performances from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Opera and Georgia Opera House. Buy a variety of Christmas gifts such as Christmas trees and decorations, take home a festive holiday badge, go scavenger hunting, ride some of the park's favorite attractions, visit a festively decorated mausoleum and visit Santa Claus or enjoy a photo opportunity with him.

Meet Anna, Elsa and Olaf, put on make-up, build a snowman, learn about the science of snow, make a craft, play winter weather bingo, listen to Christmas music and make crafts. Celebrate Hanukkah, Las Posadas, Christmas and Kwanzaa with special scientific activities and handicrafts or do handicrafts with them. Watch Santa light a giant Christmas tree, sip hot chocolate, and light Christmas lights at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Georgia Theatre Center, and Georgia Opera House. Watch the live performance of "A Christmas Carol" by Atlanta Ballet Theatre, Atlanta Opera Center, Gilbert & Sullivan and Atlanta Theatre House, and see the major performances of Atlanta Ballet and Opera.

Watch Santa himself make a special appearance as he flies over his head, catches him with a laser on the lawn and catches his wish list on the laser lawn. Eleven PJ Story Time Children enjoy a socially-distant meeting with Santa's favorite elves, reading bedtime stories, signing up for new holiday packages and sharing their wish lists. Join this socially distanced photo - a - at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Georgia Theatre Center, Gilbert & Sullivan and Georgia Opera House. Enjoy family activities such as cookie decorating stations, Christmas tree lighting, Christmas crafts and much more.

Follow Clara as she dreams and follow her dreams on her journey to the end of the world and the beginning of a new year. End the evening when Angelina the Snow Angel takes flight and creates one last magic snowfall.

When two villains decide to end Christmas, there is only one superhero who can help with the performance: Hands - on Production. Visit the Grinch, enjoy festive activities and donate toys to support the Atlanta Children's Foundation's annual holiday toy ride for children in need.

Head to the Corner Pub to watch the game, enjoy a great drink worth $4 and visit the famous amusement park for a hearty dose of thrills and winter decoration. Optional pairs of drinks are available for $65 to $125, and prices vary after the weekend. If you're looking for an impromptu Six Flags trip that's officially off the table, head to this famous amusement park that will take the worry out of the season. If you're looking for a new movie - the Go experience - look no further than this annual Christmas movie night at the Atlanta Film Festival.

If you're looking for a new kind of movie - the - go experience - look no further than this annual Christmas movie night at the Atlanta Film Festival. If you're looking for a more traditional holiday movie night, visit the Georgia Museum of Natural History for its annual Winter Film Night.

This annual food festival features over 250 food industry professionals from across the South serving food and beverages, tastings and more. IPIC opens in December and offers a chef's cuisine, while independent and international documentaries and short films are shown in several locations in Atlanta. J. Trent Harris, guests will be treated to high-quality leather reclining seats overlooking the Georgia Museum of Natural History and the Atlanta Film Festival. In addition to a variety of independent films and documentaries from around the world, as well as a selection of local films, IPIPIC will also offer special events, such as the first ever Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, an annual gathering of chefs inspired by the kitchen.

Guests can stroll through themed areas such as Yule Town and North Pole Village, visit Santa Claus, visit wildlife parks, pick their own Christmas tree, take a train ride, visit Santa Claus and admire a variety of Christmas decorations such as Christmas trees and Christmas lights. Unique handmade gifts from local artisans are included in the price, and you can choose your own Christmas gift for yourself and your family at the Christmas tree shop.

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