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After their highly anticipated home opener on Friday night, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3-1, 1-0 ACC) face the University of Miami (2-3, 0-2) on Saturday night. The Irish are fighting off a two-game losing streak and will be fighting for their first win of the season when they meet at Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta. The battle for the East Division title in the Atlantic Coast Conference continues Saturday night when the Florida State University Bulls (4-5, 2 1 / 2) take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets of Atlanta (5-4, 3 2 / 3 ACC). The game, in which the Bulls and the Yellow Jackets go into the game with a record of 2.5 wins and 1 loss, faces one of their most difficult matchups this season.

TicketSmarter's interactive seating panel helps you find the options at Georgia Tech's sports facilities to find the right seat for you. Typically, GeorgiaTech Yellow Jackets tickets vary by opponent, but you can find them at the Bobby Dodd Stadium ticket counter or at any of the team's ticket counters. Tickets for the Georgia Tech showdown against Clemson cost $46,191, with the most expensive seats near the 50-yard line. See all the details of the Yellow Jacket home opener on Saturday, September 2, when the Yellow Jackets football team takes on the UCF Knights at Robert E. Smith Stadium in Atlanta.

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You'll definitely want to be in basketball when Georgia Tech's men's basketball team takes on Duke and North Carolina. Irish struggling to keep your tickets for the first game of the NCAA men's basketball Final Four against the Irish.

Watch the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. North Carolina Tar Heels game on ESPN2 on Saturday, March 31, 2017 at 7 p.m.

Watch the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. North Carolina Tar Heels game on Saturday, March 31, 2017 at 7 p.m. on ESPN2. Watch a live stream of the game with live stats, score updates and more on the ESPN3 website and on Twitter at @ ESPN3 _ GeorgiaTech or on Facebook at

We are trying to empower and build students, staff and faculty and create a Georgia Tech "can-do" culture so that the Yellow Jackets can solve the world's problems. From promoting the Tech Network to providing scholarships for tomorrow's students, to the Yellow Jacket couple Jimmy and I, we share our stories about how the Georgia Tech community has paid off over the course of our lives. This space helps to support the education of our students and staff and our local community. Checked customers can give TicketSmarter a stand and order online or by calling 1-888-ticketsmarter if they know what they are ordering.

Georgia Tech has a very loyal fan base that tends to stay in the Atlanta area after graduation. Georgia Tech athletics offers an excellent return compared to the cost of attending the games of many Atlanta professional sports franchises in other parts of the country, such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and New Jersey. You don't have to travel 72 miles west of Athens to see GeorgiaTech in Atlanta.

Georgia Tech is located in the heart of Atlanta, and its neighbors include the University of Georgia, Georgia State University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Georgia Tech has a long history of good relationships with many of the leading universities in Georgia and across the country.

Georgia Tech Women's Volleyball is one of the nation's most successful college volleyball programs, which has only begun in the last 20 years. Georgia Tech also has the best men's and women's volleyball teams in both the NCAA and National Collegiate Athletics Association.

The Yellow Jackets "basketball and volleyball teams play their home games at the Hank McCamish Pavilion, nicknamed the Thrillerdome. The campus is home to the Georgia Tech men's and women's basketball teams, as well as the football and volleyball teams.

The jackets saw the first graphic production of their namesake a year later, and it was a cartoon at AJC that shows the yellow jacket of the cartoon buzzing around, cowering and pleading not to be stung. In 1984, the yellow jackets that tech students now know and love featured on the front page of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and on the cover of Georgia Tech's newspaper. Baseball was played in the Hank McCamish Pavilion until the lean years paid off for the estate.

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