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The Chastain Arts Center is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by Atlanta artists in collaboration with the Georgia Museum of Art and Georgia State University.

DE Fine Art is proud to present the first - of its kind - exhibition of works by artists from Atlanta in collaboration with the Georgia Museum of Art and Georgia State University. The gallery also participates in the annual exhibition of the Atlanta Art Museum, Art of Atlanta. Further information about the exhibition, which can be viewed online throughout the year, can be found here. This art gallery features works by artists from Atlanta, Georgia, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities.

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Indeed, Atlanta's evolving avant-garde art community has been dubbed the "renaissance of visual art." Live has expanded the mural scene to the Atlanta BeltLine, which has become a popular destination for painted walls, murals and other forms of public art.

Elevate Atlanta, an art initiative along the Beltline, has also added spectacular pieces to the city's streets (CurbedAtlanta). Mason Fine Art rotates three large exhibition spaces, and new works are emerging in the surrounding Broad Street. On the walls of the shop windows hang galleries worth commissions from Living Walls, which since 2010 have been striving to promote, educate and transform the perspective of public space in the Atlanta community through street art (

Art is exhibited by local - famous ATL artists such as John Singing, the artist behind the famous "STEM" mural ( STEM is a challenge for guests, with a focus on the human body and its relationship with the environment (

Street art is in almost every corner of Atlanta, and it embraces all cultures, and it embraces culture. From thought - provocative graffiti to street art - clever and creative messages are found time and again in the streets of the city. With the Grammy-winning Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta can offer year-round cultural activities (

New and returning artists have been selected for the Atlanta Beltline Public Art Initiative ( to present dynamic installations and performances. Located in a prestigious part of Atlanta, GA, this gallery features a wide variety of artworks by artists from around the world as well as local and national artists. Atlanta Art Gallery, one of the city's most popular galleries, houses many conceptual sculptures and murals and sells original works year-round (

This piece on the wall of the switchyards explains that Atlanta is not perfect, but that doesn't stop travelers stopping there to take a photo. It allows people to find a deeper meaning and smile in the murals and walls of their city when they take a walk along the Beltline in Atlanta. We are 100% online and are happy to arrange a show for you at home or in the office in Metro Atlanta!

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